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Cleansing Duo Corrective

Item number: 80013

Oliveda Cleansing Oil F72, like Oliveda Cleansing Gel F71, is ideal as a single product, but we also have many fans who love to use them together. For a particularly pore-deep double cleansing and the ideal preparation for the effective development of the subsequent serums, elixirs and creams.

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STEP 1 F72: The unique combination of bioactive arbequina oil, hydroxytyrosol and French lavender make this Corrective Cleansing Oil from Oliveda become a silky makeup remover and moisturizing facial cleanser, which counteracts clogged pores and at the same time, frees the skin from unnecessary sebum or residues from sun protection and for every day. The non-comedogenic and non-acne gene active oil cleanses the skin deep into the pores without impairing its natural protective barrier and without leaving shiny residues. The perfect solution for the evening routine. Application: The Cleansing Oil for an incredibly mild cleansing should be applied to dry skin and gently massaged in. Then, moisten your hands with warm water and massage your face again. The product should turn into a fine emulsion. The high-quality pure arbequina oil goes deep and binds dirt particles and polluting substances. Then rinse the skin well with warm water or cover it with a warm cloth for a wonderful little spa treatment, like a kind of detox mask, let it work for a few minutes and then remove the emulsion. After rinsing, the skin will be clean, moisturized, well supplied with blood, and soft with no oily residue.

STEP 2 F71: The Corrective Cleansing Gel from Oliveda cleanses your skin in a particularly gentle way without removing moisture. The unique combination of hydroxytyrosol and vegetable sugar surfactants combined with French lavender cleanse the skin deep into the pores and make your complexion appear radiantly fine and even. The super antioxidant hydroxytrosol counteracts free radicals and pigmentation. Your skin feels refreshed and supple after cleansing. Application: Suitable for morning and evening. We recommend lathering the cleansing gel in your hand with a little water and gently massaging it onto your face. Rinse carefully.

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